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Combination Zipper Pulls - Twisted Brick

A Combination Brick/Twist Zipper Pull
Twisted Brick: 3 Colors (Holo Silver, Green, & Purple Shown)

To Create Twisted Brick, You Need:

  • Three Strands of Boondoggle:
    • 2 strands 3 feet, 1 strand 4½ feet (Zipper Pull).
    • 2 strands 4½ feet, 1 strand 6 feet (Key Chain).
  • 1 Lanyard Hook.
  • Scissors

Do the following:

  • Start a Brick Stitch.

I crossed the green and purple strands BEFORE creating the Starter Stitch. In this way, you get the colored effect shown (where the two central loops are one color, while the two outside loops are the other color).

  • Do TEN (10) Brick Stitches.
  • Do ELEVEN (11) Twist Stitches.

I did eleven stitches so that when you resume the Brick Stitch, the colors will be reversed. The color that was on the outside is now on the inside and vice-versa. A slight physical twist of the completed project will properly line up the two Brick ends.

  • Do TEN (10) Brick Stitches.
  • Do a Completion Stitch.
  • Create Fancy Tassels.
  1. Add the Lanyard Hook.
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